Friday 22 October 2010

Duochrome Holographic Nails

Hello everyone ^_^/

wow, it's almost the weekend already. Another week just flew by.
My plan was to post this on Tuesday but I guess that didn't work out as planned.

Here is a duochrome holographic mani with Glitter Gal's purple holographic and Sally Hansen's prisms in a pink unidentified colour, both sent to me by the lovely 'Chelle in our recent swap ^_^

Both colours are two coats with a layer of Seche on top. See how shiny and colourful my nails are?

And here are the individual colours with the polishes for reference.

I am absolutely loving both of these colours. I think I am going through a major holo phase and I just can't stop staring at my nails. I am still wearing this mani and almost a week later it still looks fantastic (and getting a lot of compliments).


  1. holos = <3
    such beautiful polishes :)

  2. Very cute! I love both of these colors.

  3. Pretty! Love the color combo! <3


  4. amazing! I prefer the darker one :) holos are eye catching <3

  5. Waaaah they are so pretty on you!!! I can't believe they are still going strong after one week, I am thoroughly impressed. You got me onto a holo phase too now =p

    I think the Sally Hansen might be called Blush Diamond..? It's hard to see but I can just make it out on my bottle at the very top of the back label (in capitals).

    I hope your thumb is feeling better!

  6. Eeeeeeeek!I'm so jealous of you!Love love love them!!Amazing swap!Mallon prepei na kanoume k swap A8hna-8essalonikh :p

  7. All eyes on Sally's Nail Prisms.
    Totally want, it looks gorgeous!

  8. I like both but I like the sallys a bit more!

  9. It looks amazing! I'm in love with your kirakira nails ~ ^.^ Thanks for sharing! It gaves me a lot of inspiration~~

  10. I love it! They're all gorgeous colors.

  11. @Katrina holos are seriously the best. I am in a total holo phase recently ^_^

    @Jenny thank you :)

    @ChaosButterfly oh yes! I couldn't stop looking at them.

    @Samantha thank you :D

  12. @Mia thank you :) I think the colours worked really well together.

    @Alice the purple one was so intense. The rainbow effect was really evident ^_^

    @'Chelle thank you so much once again for sending them to me <3 I was amazed at how long they lasted. After 7 days there were almost no signs of wear. Holos ftw hehehe

    @Ria Uwaaaaaa thank you. Opote 8eleis ^_^

  13. @AnnKiins'♥ they are amazing polishes. I am planning to hunt down some more of them.

    @Toesthattwinkle! thank you. I had read about this Sally Hansen series before but seeing them in the flesh all I can say is wow!

    @chiihime thank you so much for your kind words :)

    @Zara thank you ^_^



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