Tuesday 28 September 2010

Layering with Canmake nail polishes

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today was a horrible day for me.
I injured my hand badly as I accidentally closed the car door on my thumb *ouch*
So until this heals no fancy manicures for me *is so very annoyed*

I am not sure how long it will take but I will try to share some swatches, hauls and previous manicures plus a couple tutorials I had prepared and hopefully my poor hand will be as good as new soon.

So for today I have the followup on the foil manicure to share.
As I wanted to spice it up a bit I decided some layering was in order.

So I used a couple of Canmake nail polishes I had lying around.

Canmake is a Japanese drugstore brand and their nail polish collection is amazing. Plus the bottles are super cute, yay!

I used the pink colour over the silver foil and the blue colour over the copper foil. Then I added a few star spangles for extra shine ^_^

I think the outcome was interesting. I liked the blue one better but all in all I am pleased with this manicure.

Also don't forget to enter my Big in Japan giveaway if you haven't already. You can find it on my blog's sidebar if you scroll down a bit ^__^


  1. ouch sorry to hear about your thumb :(
    such pretty nail polish, so sparkly :) thanks for sharing xx

  2. Awwh. Get better thumb c:
    Cute design.
    I love the stars. So cute!

  3. Ohh, I really hope your thumb will be better soon and that you will not have too much pain in it.

  4. Yikes, poor thumb! Hope it heals quickly.

    Those Canmake bottles are cute indeed.



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