Thursday 16 September 2010

Anna Sui Fall Collection 2010, a flakie wonder

Hello everyone ^_^/

How was your week so far?
I have been so busy these last few days that I didn't even realise that it's Thursday already. But oh well, on to the interesting stuff.

Today I have nail polish swatches for you.
As you might know I am a huge fan of Anna Sui cosmetics, especially nail polishes.
So as soon as I saw the fall collection for this year I was dying to get my hands on these babies. Finding all of them was a bit tricky as a couple of colours were sold out all over Tokyo but in the end I managed to locate them in Odaiba yay.

These polishes are basically flakies in white, pink, brown, blue and purple. They are sheer and the flakies are super sparkly. And don't forget the awesome rose smell that all Anna Sui polishes give off.

Generally I don't like wearing sheer colours on their on but I think they are perfect for layering. I did try a few manis by layering these beauties over other colours and I was very please. For today though I will share a couple of swatches so here they are :D


  1. i like the purple and blue one, can't wait to see your layering experiences

  2. OMFG! Those are GORGEOUS!

  3. I really like them a lot! I recently got one from Urban Outfitters and I love it! Do you know where one could purchase these??? I think I'm in LOVE! :P♥

  4. Amazing!!! Can't wait to see the layering effect...

  5. I always find Anna Sui products' packaging so cute! :D


  6. I just found your blog through google blog search and I love it! And these look gorgeous, but I don't think I can afford Anna Sui right now :(.

  7. Thank you so much everyone for your comments ^_^
    If you live outside Asia, these polishes can be found on ebay but they can turn out to be a tad pricey.



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