Tuesday 25 May 2010

Hello hello

Hello everyone

this is my new blog ^_^

The main topic here will be fashion, especially cosmetics and nails but also some deco stuff as lately I have been getting more and more into deco as well.

If you are old friends good to see you here too, if you are new friends, nice meeting you.

Kore kara mo yoroshiku <3

And to start things off in a colourful way here are some of my favourite nail designs that I have done for friends lately. What do you think?


  1. just lovelyyyyyyy!! I love the size of your nail beds BTW!!!

    I hope to see this blog updated whenever possible. <3

    One of these days, I'll show you some of my own nail art pics. XD

  2. Uwaaa thank you my lovely <3
    Actually all these pretty nails (and hands ofc XD) belong to some of my best friends here.
    But I will put up mine too (I need to resize the humongous pics)

    Omg you have toooooo, I just love love love nail art. Looking forward to seeing them ^_^

  3. So nice :D
    I love the 3rd one the best as it's simple but still cute^^
    And congratulations on your new world!
    I made a new account too but on myspace somehow lol

  4. ^_________^ thank you dear. It has been a hobby of mine for a long time but I was too shy to show anything before.

    Ufufufu so you finally made a myspace. Even though I have abandoned mine, I added you :D

  5. i think i can see tomochan's hands!!! xD
    your work is great, can we find you somewhere to do those mogic stuff to me too???

  6. Ufufu you have good eyes, three of the pics are her hands indeed ^_____^

    Thank you so much :D
    You can either get my phone from Tomo-chin or message me on LJ if you want.(http://cel-chan.livejournal.com/)

  7. Congratulations on your new blog!
    Loved all the nail art here too.

  8. Thank you so much for checking this blog too my dear <3
    I am glad you liked it ^_^



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